Scientists have conducted years of empirical research and careful study of global emission factors for almost five decades. Reflora's experts spent some more years studying this information, obtaining a deep understanding of how our emissions really work, and the impact of each kind of emission. They created some complex mathematical equations that allow your business to quantify your impact on our climate and take appropriate action.

Carbon Footprint consists of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions. The best part about Reflora's Calculators is that you can understand why your carbon footprint is high, based on the sources that have had the highest percentage of emissions. The advanced emissions calculator gives you a more accurate idea about your emissions, while the lite calculator helps your business understand which is your highest area of impact.

Accurate Carbon footprint calculation requires a detailed knowledge of company data such as types of resources used in the company and the supply chain, precise quantity of these used resources, and supplementary details such as the weight of the waste generated. In other words, a calculator is as accurate as the information you provide it.

That being said, Reflora understands that knowledge of this data is difficult for many businesses. This is why, Reflora's platform offers you two options for emissions calculation: A lite calculator that can be used by small businesses, and businesses that are new to the concept of sustainability. The advanced calculator on the other hand, provides a more detailed view of your precise emissions, as it dives really deep into your organisation's emissions. If your business is looking for more accurate results, the advanced calculator is recommended.

Each kind of emissions calculator serves a different purpose. While the lite calculator can provide small scale businesses and sustainable aspirants as range of their carbon footprint, the advanced calculator, can pinpoint your carbon footprint with more accuracy. The lite calculator requires lesser data inputs than the advanced calculator.

Each country has its own emission factor, which is specific to the country's location, weather, energy usage habits, development, renewable energy use etc. For example, boiling the same pot of water could consume up to 4 times the energy in a country that burns fossil fuels for energy, than in a country that relies heavily on solar energy. The location helps the Reflora Calculator make a more accurate estimation.

When we went to seek climate action solutions, there was one solution that stood out as clear as day. Forests. For centuries, forests have been large reservoirs of C02e. Trees can store CO2 in their roots, branches, trunks and leaves. In fact, once grown, a tree will forever store this carbon until it is disturbed by human intervention. There is no more direct way of carbon capture than trees. A single forest can support millions of species of plants and animals. Today, approximately 20% of the world's population relies on forests for daily sustenance. Forests are the source of everything in your home and in your life. Need we go on?

Reflora offers a global portfolio of forests spread across various continents. From the most to the least accessible places in the world, Reflora's forest projects are unique in every way. Each forest project offers different kinds of benefits and has different kinds of challenges to grow or conserve. Hence, the pricing also differs.

Carbon Credit projects have a more stringent accounting process. Which means each ton of C02e absorbed by the trees there are accounted for. Naturally the work involved in calculating them is also quite laborious. Whereas Funding projects involve a shorter road where the rules involved are lesser. This does not mean that these forests absorb lesser CO2e.

All projects absorb CO2e offsetting your emissions. But, they also serve a variety of benefits like serving the local community, a variety of wildlife and flora. There are regions of the world which might be more polluted or de-forested in comparison to others. So you can take these factors into account and decide which Forest projects you want to support. Locally in your country? Or another region far away which might need more attention? Or in the end the forests that might be the home of your favourite Lions, Giraffes or Elephants.

Certified Carbon Credits can be retired only once on particular emissions. Hence, reselling is not valid.

Reflora follows a dual approach. It first uses the data from the certifing bodies of each project which most sellers do today. But, Reflora also goes a step ahead by analysing each forest project and rating it across a set of internal parameters assigning it’s own score which very few companies do. In fact Reflora is proud of this and can claim that we are 100% sure of what we offer to you and do not just belive on 3rd parties. So what you waiting for? Authenticity guaranteed, let’s start buying!....

A very valid point! Each contribution from you directly impactst he growth and well-being of a Forest. The most important point is for it to absorb CO2e and offset the emissions we cause. Speaking about this we need your support from people like you in lobbying to make sure these forests are protected from all kinds of dangers. Hence, more the awareness and more purchases of credits increasest the value of the project and increases it’s value from being affected by HUMANS.

Yes, the certificate is valid for all intended purposes.

Yes, the climatag is free to use for all offsets that have been performed through Reflora.

You can find all the relevant information on your Carbon Balance.

The Retiration Document is an official document that explains the transfer of credits/tons of CO2e from Reflora to the name specified by you. This document contains your unique retirement number from the international certifier in the case of Carbon credits projects. In the case of carbon fund projects, it contains essential information about your contribution from the international certifier.

Yes, while Reflora provides each customer with more communication aids than any climate action platform, we are still happy to help out more. Do write to us at

In a world where there is so much negative impact on our planet, quantifying positive environmental impact is a challenge that is complicated to overcome. However, in certain controlled situations such as our forest projects, where monitoring is constant, and the impact can be seen clearly, it can be tangibilized. We calculate your impact based on the effect it has on trees, animal life, and community of that particular project.

Ofcourse! We work very hard to ensure the answer to these questions is always positive. This is why, we have constructed due diligence tools such as RIQA to find only the most credible projects, that ensure that the local communities are not only compensated fairly, but also given the right platform to develop sustainable trade.

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