Ecopaiva, Portugal

Integrated in the conservation and restoration of the Forest Carbon Stock by the river Paiva in the north of Portugal, the project aims to protect crucial patches of native forest, natural regeneration of native species in order to reduce wildfires, and turn carbon release into capture.


  •   Internationally certified, the forest management includes the control of vegetation and invasive species, the promotion of the natural regeneration of native species and the eradication of eucalyptus.
  •   These practices will result in reducing the risk of wildfires (hence the emission of carbon to the atmosphere), fostering habitats and capturing carbon.
  •   Focus on better air quality for locals, community engagement, namely with local schools.


  •   The local community is engaged through the direct contact with landowners associations, the Arouca Geoparque Association and municipal entities
  •   Avoid fragmentation of forest masses, and natural regeneration of native vegetation
  •  Revival from degradation of the Paiva river
  •  Economic upliftment of local communities through sustainable means

Price per tons of C02e

€31.00 excl tax