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Everyday we don’t do anything, is a day wasted. Failing to decide is deciding to fail..

Ovais Sarma, UNFC on Climate Change, COP26 .

This calculation considers general estimates of Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and is meant for SMEs, Startups and for low emitting industries. For larger organizations or more detailed analysis, the Advanced Calculator is recommended.



Nearly 40% of millennials have taken a job because of the company's sustainability, and they are even willing to take a pay cut to work at an environmentally responsible company. With millennials becoming the largest workforce, not having a sustainability strategy can mean losing out on a lot of good talent.

Talal Rafi, World Bank Ambassador on Climate Change.

Transport sector stands 2nd in GHG emissions, one of its main sources being commute to work (scope 3), which is common to all companies. Source: Our World in Data.



On average, how much distance do your employees travel each day?
What is the preferred mode of transport (%) ?
How large are your office premises ?
Does your organization recycle waste?

As Apple works towards 100% carbon neutral products and a carbon neutral supply chain by 2030, we’ll continue to call for the strong global targets we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect this planet for future generations

Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Apple.

Most Scope 2 emissions are a result of the premise of companies as it concerns electricity consumption.



Round trips

With increasing numbers of European companies putting in place science-based targets for reducing their emissions, the European economy is showing that this level and ambition - and much more - is feasible.

Steven Tebbe, Managing Director, CDP Europe.

Business travel represents around 15-20% of global travel (Borko et al. 2020) and that by 2050 travel could represent up to 27% of global emissions.



In combination with action from governments and other stakeholders, businesses that take action on climate change by adopting green policies, technologies, and strategies for growth could realize a total of $26 trillion in economic benefits.

Researchers, Maryville University

You can drastically reduce the emission of your fleet (scope 1) if you opt for hybrid and electric vehicles.